Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kaplan Tutors Feedback

I found out recently that all of my old FTC tutors have all left to go and teach somewhere else. They didn’t like the new technology and thought that it inhibited their ability to be creative and interesting. I sort of agree with this, because if these tutors have built up a good reputation by teaching in their own way, it must be annoying. I remember my tutor explaining this to us while I was still studying. It is a shame, he was really good.

 My tutor there was not interested in us at all. They were teaching us from another department and clearly were not interested in us, just wanted to do the time and then go home. They didn’t offer us any examples or extras, just read through the notes.

 How do you get a job at Kaplan? I would like to know if there is any quality control. I heard they don’t train their own staff so if you have a bad tutor – avoid them because they will not get any better! I think anyone can work there.

 I was taught by someone who was not even qualified in their subject!! I can’t believe that an organisation who trains accountants can’t make sure that they have the right qualifications to teach their own subjects…

 My tutor looked really young and she was really quiet. There’s nothing wrong with this really but I would prefer someone who has more experience.

Kaplan Location Nightmares

I had the WORST experience in one of the FTC Kaplan buildings, it was in London Bridge (Chapter House). I highly recommend that nobody studies there, it was like a shed and there was nothing nearby. I had to walk through a really dangerous tunnel in the dark in winter to get my train home. Scary!

 My friend works for an accounting firm and he had a bad experience in the building up at Angel. He said that because it was hot in the summer, the smell coming from the drains was awful and it wasn’t helpful to study. This is a clear hygiene factor (accountancy joke!!).